Trend Watch Fashion Goes Animalia

If you have been actively browsing through the photo galleries of recent fashion shows, you may have noticed a growing trend: Animal motif. We are not talking about age-old animal prints and fur. This season is all about animals taking center stage on clothing, with two big fashion houses battling it out to become the trendy “It” wear.

On one corner, we have Givenchy and its snarling Rottweilers. Celebrities have been spotted wearing shirts bearing a huge image of that intimidating pooch, including Liv Tyler (pictured) and Kanye West, who caused a stire as they wore the same Rottweiler shirt during the Givenchy Fall 2011 womenswear show. Designer Riccardo Tisci proudly wore his latest trendy canine shirt when he took a bow at the Givenchy Fall 2011 menswear show. Another version of the shirt features prints of an angry Rottweiler pack crawling all over the sleeves and the sides.

At the other corner, Prada is all agog about monkeys and bananas. First debuted at the Prada Spring 2011 womenswear show, Miuccia Prada’s creations feature cartoonized chimpanzees standing on top of acanthus leaves and bananas. This design is either shown prominently on the front, back, or along the sides of the dress (which Eva Mendes wore during a premiere of “The Other Guys”). Fashion icons spotted wearing the Prada monkeys include designer Marc Jacobs and Anna Dello Russo, editor-at-large for Vogue Japan.

So which fashion trend would you end up wearing? The aggressive Rotts or the whimsical chimps?

Source:, photo by Alice Bensi
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